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Being Content Creators

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How do you see yourself and what you do on Folkspaper?

Are you “building your brand”, or just enjoying having a platform to express yourself, that isn’t quite like social media, but still allows you to interact and react to posts?

I hope you are happy with what you are doing here on Folkspaper and that you also learn something in the process.

I like the process of learning and growing, and (perhaps) building a brand, although “branding” myself isn’t that important to me. I also don’t like to be “stuck” with a deadline or structured schedule, like publishing at the same day of the week, every week.

I don’t want to “just write”, without having a distinct purpose. Like many of you, I’d love to earn a little money to supplement my retirement income. This gives my process of learning and growing more focus.

A few days ago I did a search on Google for the term “Content Creators”.

I’ve tried and failed at a few things, like Affiliate Marketing and Blogging, many times over.

Yet, there is the appeal of earning a bit of money, while still remaining independent of having a “job” or needing to fulfill someone else’s “expectations”, after retirement.

I have worked in healthcare in the past, but being at an age that makes it particularly risky to die from contracting the illness of the current pandemic, it isn’t a good option.

Besides, I’d rather find something to do at home. Even if it doesn’t pay much. I don’t have a good “office” setup in my apartment, making working as a Customer Service Representative online or on the phone not possible.

I’m a retired Customer Service Representative and Maine State Employee, so I am experienced as one.

Learning and Growing

Folkspaper is a good chance to learn and grow as a writer.

You could say all of us who publish content on Folkspaper and other places are content creators of one type or another. Even if we are not professionals.

I don’t really see Folkspaper as a place to launch my professional writing career. It is a good place to see what might be possible and of interest to someone else.

So go ahead! Find your voice! See what happens!

You don’t need to be an “expert”, or “popular” to publish your thoughts or share an idea. This is the kind of platform where we can “learn to fly” at our own comfortable pace and ability.

Content Creator Tips

Are you interested in some helpful habits to help develop your skills as a content creator?

This article impressed me with their view of what a “professional” content creator is. You’ll find detailed examples of some recommended habits, intended to help us with our focus, understanding and growth. It’s very educational if you want to get a feel for the process.

The article also talks about a Chrome extension called “Keywords Everywhere”. According to the article, it suggests search terms, of the “long-tail” variety, that are related to the term you’re interested in. I planned to add it to my Chrome browser and give it a try, but discovered that the detailed results are not “free”. You may feel differently about trying it.

The name of the article is “WHAT IS A CONTENT CREATOR?” By SARAH STASIC, on the website “STATE OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING (SODP) at

Researching Getting Paid to Write:

One of the ads listed in the results of my Google search on “Content Creators” struck my interest. I’m considering it as a possible source of income, that I might earn on my own terms.

Now, I’m not “selling” this, nor am I an affiliate marketer (tried and failed at it already), and this is not something to try at “no cost”. But it doesn’t cost much, so I purchased it.

This is a lifetime subscription with a Web Design Company that provides Site Management and Web Design Services for small businesses in Australia. I did a Google search for reviews and found positive ones. Do your own reviews search to confirm.

The name of the company is Mallee Blue Media and you can read their “ABOUT US” page at

Earning Money by Writing

The subscription is to a list of sites, updated monthly, that pay people to publish articles online.

Included on the site are:

  • Guidelines for Submission.
  • A Writing and Getting Published Guide.
  • How much you are paid for an article on each Site.
  • Links to the Submission and Guideline Page on each Site.
  • A Topical Index of over 200 Sites, Alphabetically Sorted and Indexed by Category.
  • 10 Free Tools to help with writing and getting published. 


This month the one time cost is $14.99 and comes with free updates for life. The normal price is $29.99.

I purchased the product and have full access.

The name of this product is 200 Sites That Will Pay You to Write and you can go to their landing page at

The site is updated every month. They provide each subscriber with their own link to the information, and a unique password. Every month, you are emailed a new password that allows access to the site, after the information has been updated, so that it is always fresh.

I’m going to be spending time getting to know my way around and giving it a try.

Once I have some of my own experience to share, I’ll tell you about it here on Folkspaper.

Never Give Up!

It has been said many times. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.

No matter how long we have to live with this “new normal” caused by the pandemic, all of the discipline and precautions we have to follow will make us better people.

We need to continue to focus on the positive. Be grateful for not becoming a “statistic”. Life may be hard and less free than we are used to, but at least we are not totally powerless, even if at times it may seem so.

Even though I’ve never been successful at earning money online, it still provides me with a way to try and improve myself. Hopefully, my past experiences will be helpful moving forward.

What motivates you to use Folkspaper?

So, why are you using Folkspaper?

Do you find it helpful?

Let me know in the comments.