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Beirut explosion: Where And How To Donate To Help The Victims

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A massive portion of Lebanon’s capital Beirut was left in ruins after twin, successive blasts tore through the city. The blasts, whose origin is yet to be identified, orchestrated after the ignition of 2700 tonnes of Ammonium nitrate at a port warehouse. Subsequently, 135 people were killed and more than 5,000 injured, though authorities expect both numbers to rise exponentially. The country is already on the verge of political and economic collapse, and the blasts have only added fuel to fire. Beirut and Lebanon are in need of your assistance and aid and here are a few ways in which you can help them.

1. Donate to the Lebanon Red Cross:

The LRC has been managing on-ground operations ever since the disaster struck. Their efforts include rescue missions and provision of ambulance services and all of this is being shepherded by volunteers free of cost. You can donate to them here.

2. United Nations World Food Program:

The WFP renders food and other emergency services to people who have become homeless, lost loved ones, or were injured by the explosion. Lebanon imports 85% of all its food and the existing economic crisis of the city have pushed food prices beyond the reach of many already. The explosion at the port subsequently served as a nail in the coffin. You can donate to the UNWFP here. Alternatively, you can also donate to the Lebanese Food Bank, which distributes food parcels across Beirut.

3. Impact Lebanon:

This NGO is crowdfunding donations to establish shelters for people who have been displaced by the explosion. Its other services include collection and relay of data about missing people. Donate to Impact Lebanon here.

4. Baytna Baytak: 

This organisation initially helped several frontline medical workers find free accommodation enabling them to self-isolate from their families while the Covid-19 outbreak erupted. Now, its helping Impact Lebanon to arrange shelters for those that have been displaced by the blast. Donate here

5. International Medical Corps:

This humanitarian organisation is providing emergency health services to the explosion affectees. Teams from the International Medical Corps are on the ground in Beirut, mobilizing “urgently needed supplies, deploying staff from unaffected health facilities to hospitals caring for patients and sending mobile medical units to provide care.” Donate here