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Believing It To Be Her Late Husband, Cambodian Woman Marries A Cow

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A woman in Cambodia has married a cow claiming that it’s the reincarnation of her late husband.

78-year-old Khim Hang has married a cow after observing that its behaviour strangely resembled that of her late husband. She says that when the cow goes upstairs, it does exactly the same things and behaves in exactly the same way as her late husband did.

Moreover, Hang also claims that the cow kissed her and licked her hair, which was a clear manifestation of its adoration toward her. Hang’s seven children, as well as her neighbours all, share in her belief. One of Hang’s children says that the cow only licks the hands of their relatives, while a neighbour says that the cow is particularly affectionate toward his children.

Given the situation, Hang has ordered her kids to treat the cow with the same respect as they would give to their father. Additionally, she has also stressed that if she goes first, the cow must be given a proper human funeral.

There is no video recording of the marriage ceremony, but Hang’s neighbours insist that it indeed took place. Right now, Hang has forbidden any kind of maltreatment against the cow and has decreed that it must not be sold off under any circumstances.

This isn’t the first recorded instance of the marriage between a human and a cow. Earlier, in 2010 an 18-year-old Indonesian teenager named Ngurah Alit was forced to marry a cow after he was caught sexually abusing the animal.

Source: News24