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Ben Gates Will Return to the Big Screen to Steal More Historical Artifacts

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We have been waiting 13 long years… for National Treasure 3.

Now there aren't many Nicholas Cage movies that I like. I’m going to be entirely honest about that. His acting can be kind of one note, and he’s definitely been in his fair share of flops (looking at you Wicker Man). But if there is one film that I will defend to the ends of the earth, holding up not just as an overall film but also as incredible role for Nicholas Cage, it’s National Treasure.

There is literally nothing bad about that film. It was a great plot, well written, great characters with the right balance of flaws and archetype personalities, and it makes history fun. It’s really a film you can fully enjoy at any age. And surprisingly, the sequel held up pretty well. Like most sequels it wasn’t quite as good as the first but still a solid movie.

But the third one we were expecting never came. We were promised that we would find out what was on page 47 of the president’s secret book, and we've been disappointed by that promise for 13 years. And yet, hope is still alive because Disney has reported that National Treasure 3 is finally in the works, with the likes of “Bad Boys For Life” writer Chris Bremner penning the script and Jerry Bruckheimer producing the film.

This sounds like a recipe for success, and hopefully this sequel won’t fall into the realm of long dead film series being revived and completely destroying everything that was good about the originals (looking at you this time Zoolander 2).

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