Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Manchester, NH Manchester

Board games are a lot of fun.

No longer particularly common in the age of PC versus console ( Naturally, the answer is whichever you like [but, seriously, PC]), board games are the continuation of past-times from around the world that served as the main leisure for people everywhere for thousands of years.

Last night, I played a game called Betrayal on the House on the Hill. It's a board game where you build the board. Each piece is a new room in the house that you and your friends explore as characters who collect helpful items and attempt to raise stats before the haunt - the chief conflict of the game (which changes every game depending on how the house is arranged, and which character draws the card) - begins.

It's a great game full of creativity and unexpected twists.

 ( source: Avalon Hill - Wizards of the Coast )

Avalon Hill - Wizards of the Coast


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