Beware of Express Pool Drop-Off

Somerville, MA Somerville

So now there are about five types of Uber lines. Regularly, I choose UberPool. It is way, way, way cheaper than a normal Uber. There is also an even cheaper option now, UberPoolExpress. Uber says they will drop you close to your destination but what really is close? I have had several occasions where the driver has dropped me off right outside the spot I was going. However, today my driver was not so nice. He dropped me for a 5 minute walk from my destination. He also left me a on a creepy side street and I had to ask for directions. I get that it's express but it actually made me late my for my appointment from the long walk. I tried to ask him where my actual drop-off was and he told me, you got express, and that was that. Thanks Uber.

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