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Beware! Onions Are Causing Salmonella Across Canada

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has expanded the previously executed onion recall. It now includes yellow, white and sweet yellow onions in addition to the previously dismissed red onions.

It seems that the epidemic trend has now invaded farm products. This time, It’s not the human transmitted virus instead onions have become the transporter of pathogenic salmonella. Thomson International in Bakersfield, Calif is the production and distributing company of these onion species. Few days ago, The Public Health Agency of Canada Warned the Canadians and ask them to discard any red onions that originate from the U.S.The recall of red onions became obligatory when at least 17 salmonella infected patients were hospitalized in Canada. 

In this regard, PHAC is advising Canadians to throw away red onions that came from the U.S. as well as the food products prepared with these onions. The onions are probably responsible for an outbreak of Salmonella Newport illness. 

Moreover, proper research has determined that red onions are the likely source of the outbreak. In response; Thomson International Inc. has primarily recalled red onions. Later, the company recalled all varieties of onions that could have interacted with already contaminated red onions. This step is taken to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Recalled Onion varieties now include red, white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions.

The disease has infected 114 people in various Canadian regions including B.C. Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta. Since July 30, when the first recall was announced, there have been six more reported salmonella infected cases that are associated with the consumption of these onions.