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Bikini vs Underwear: Why Do We Only Wear One in Public?

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I was reading an interesting internet argument this morning (as of course we all do), about why it is that women are "allowed" to wear bikinis in public and feel free to do so, but in a bra and underwear, suddenly she is overly modest. I thought I could write briefly on the subject.

First of all, I don't think it's a case of women being "allowed" to wear bikinis but not underwear, at least not where I live. Cultural expectation and law are really what guide the "rules" about what women can wear, and those vary widely. But, assuming that both are "allowed" publicly in a society, one thing stops women from wearing underwear instead of a bikini:


There's no physical difference between the two. But one has traditionally been assigned to intimate contact and spaces, reserved for few eyes. Of course, not every woman feels this way, but that's them consenting to be seen in their undergarments. As a general rule, just assume that, if a woman chooses to wear a bikini and not her underwear to the beach, pool, or anywhere at all, it has less to do with the coverage of the outfit, and everything to do with her feeling comfortable in presenting herself to the world in her outfit. And we all need to be ok with that.

Photo: Pixabay