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Billie Eilish's Wins 5 Grammys; But It's Even More Important Than That

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Yesterday was a big day in the world of pop culture and fame as both Kobe Bryant died in a tragic helicopter accident, and Billie Eilish made history at the Grammy’s in the same day. The two events stand in direct contrast of each other about where we are in our society and what we prioritize. But despite Hollywood culture being a little too all-encompassing in our media consumption, there are still important things to be taken away beyond the shallow spectacle of the surface level of celebrity and fame.

Last night at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony, Billie Eilish made history as both a woman and a performer. The 18-year-old music start became the second person in history, the first woman, and the youngest person in history to win Grammys in all four major categories in a single night. The big four categories consist of: Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist. In addition to winning the big four, she also took home the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, giving her five wins of the six categories she was nominated for.

The young singer’s debut album, ‘When We All Go to Sleep, Where Do We Go?’, was released in March of last Year by Interscope Records and peaked at number one the charts, with her single bad guy sitting at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 42 weeks.

There are a few things extra important about Billie Eilish’s wins that is going around the internet besides being the youngest single-night winner in history. People are also discussing her female empowerment moment with Ariana Grande and a very candid interview she did with Gayle King.

The female empowerment moment came in the form of Billie Eilish expressing at the top her acceptance speech for Album of the Year that she thought Ariana Grande’s album should have won. She explains that the album got her through a dark time. But while she was busy expressing her gratitude and love for Grande, Grande could be seen in the audience clearly emotionally moved by her words but yelling for Billie to have her moment. Now, I choose to believe this was a genuine moment between two young women. Although, I’m sure people could argue that it was merely to look good for the cameras, but we don’t know these two women so either of these things could be true. The important thing is that it appeared genuine and was broadcast on live TV.

The world of Hollywood, back in the mid-to-late-2000s, seemed to be inundated with women at odds with each other because that was the tone of the times back then. Women were molded to feel like they needed to be in competition with each other, rather than supporting and appreciating each other’s accomplishments. So seeing that moment between two talented women represented in the pop culture sphere that many young women look up to, even if it's somewhat unrealistic as not everyone can be a celebrity, it will be far more positively impactful than the stifling Hollywood culture of the past. (Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot of toxicity to Hollywood culture, but this is one thing that has moved in the right direction.)

The second important element to Billie Eilish’s win is the candid interview she recently did with Gayle King in which she admits to contemplating suicide just back in 2017, even when she had already started rapidly rising to fame. The honest interview shows that fame and money can’t magic away the demons in your brain but working hard at something you're passionate about can help. Her admitting this, in the light of what is surely one of the best moments of her life, shows that there is an end to all dark times if you focus to the future, seek help, and don't lose hope.

Regardless of what anyone might think about her music or her eclectic fashion sense, Billie Eilish is one girl representing a generation of kids who are often to afraid to share their emotions for fear of not being taken seriously.

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