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Birdpocalypse As Thousands Of Cockatoos Wreak Havoc In Australian Town

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A horde of Cockatoos recently took the streets in an Australian town by storm.

According to 9News, the corellas, a type of cockatoo, are native to the NSW Shoalhaven region and apparently they really like one particular area at the moment. This time, it was a street in New South Wales, which they took to overwhelm as hundreds and thousands of them flew around it for several minutes.

But as they left, they also left tons of poo in the streets, much to the dismay of residents there. And since the species was a rare protected one, the residents also couldn’t do anything about the Birdpocalypse.

People are, nevertheless, making light of the event, connecting it to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Some also joked there are a lot of kids on that street that are awaiting their letter to Hogwarts.

Professor Gisella Kaplan, however, says that the incident is a cause of concern as it means that the habitat of the Cockatoos are being increasingly destroyed and therefore they have to move in such masses. She told ABC, “Corellas prefer to move in small flocks of 20 or 30, but what we have seen in the last [few] years in Western Australia and South Australia and occasionally in Sydney, is huge flocks of thousands, but that doesn't necessarily mean that their numbers have increased.

"It can mean that they have all fled from somewhere and flocked most cases, it happens when there is a dire shortage of food and water or the heat gets so bad they have to flee.

"We need to help them survive because in some cases it could be that the huge flock may be the sum total of all the birds that exist in that state and that entire huge region."