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"Bitlife" is my Top Time Waster of 2019

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From the beginning of the year, Bitlife was one of the suggested games in my app store. I resisted downloading it, but finally gave in about two months ago. I'm glad I did, because I found the text based game to be a charming addition to my apps.

In Bitlife, you are assigned a random identity, from the moment of birth. There's not much you can do at age 0, but as you hit the 'age up' button, your character grows up by one year. You'll eventually start school, and be able to interact with your family and pets. After you finish school (or drop out) your real life begins. Will you be an academic? A military hero? A jail bird? A famous actor? Spawn a ton of children? It's all possible!

With all the possibilities, it will take many lifetimes to achieve all of the goals and ribbons that the app provides. Achievements refer to specific actions taken in your bitlife, while ribbons are how your whole bitlife is summed up. You might earn an achievement for escaping prison, but if you had a lot of children, you'll earn the 'Fertile' ribbon when your character dies.

The game isn't without bugs, however. Many users report losing their progress when the app receives an update, including all ribbons and achievements! Other common bugs include the app slowing down with extended use in a single session, and inability to select certain menus temporarily in-game. Regardless, I've spent enough time in the game now that I'm certain that I can name it my top time waster of the year!

Photo: Screenshot of year zero in a new Bitlife game.