Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Boston, MA Boston

There’s a clear difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday- the fact that on is in stores and the other is online. The differences that aren’t as clear cut are what I am most concerned with- what are the differences between the deals? Which is better? Do I shop or wait to see all my options? These questions make these money saving occasions a little stressful.

I went shopping with my boyfriend on Friday. We were in his hometown, so I figured why not shop around after seeing his family and friends. I went into a few stores, and noticed he wasn’t really looking around for anything. So I asked him why, and he said he usually waits for cyber Monday. This made me question my own choices, and had me wondering if I should in fact also wait.

I ended up buying a few items from Urban Outfitters, and was happy with my choices. I do though keep getting emails from clothing brands alike advertising their deals for cyber Monday. Some seem to be pretty good at 30% off your whole order, and others seems compatible to the Urban Outfitters deal that I got of buy one get one half off.

Is there some sort of guide out there that outlines the best deals? If I’m going to be saving money, I obviously want to find the where I can get the most bang for my buck.

I’ll definately shop around tomorrow online, I just hope I don’t find such better deals then I saw on Friday that I end up with a bad case of buyers remorse.


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