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'Black Widow' First Trailer Drops and She's More Badass Than Ever

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We're back to Marvel and MCU news! Very unintentionally we haven't had any big Marvel news for a few weeks. There was definitely news, but nothing groundbreaking. But now we've got the first Black Widow trailer!

The 'Black Widow' movie was teased well before 'Avengers: End Game' ever came out, and then announced officially in July 2019 at San Diego Comic Con.

Most were excited because Black Widow had yet to have a solo film. Others were indifferent simply because they don't find her that interesting, and that's fair because she certainly isn't the most interesting character in the MCU. I for one find her interesting because she's so painfully human among all these people who are gods with super powers or are so super genius they may as well have superpowers. I always found her interesting because she was 'average' by superhero standards.

Then 'Avengers: End Game' came out. If you haven't seen it yet... well what are you doing? Sorry because I'm about to spoil it to get a point across.

Everyone was confused after the film because Black Widow dies and then the official announcement came about her solo movie. Why was Marvel making their next big step after Endgame a movie about someone who wasn't even a part of the MCU anymore?

We're still a little confused, but it has come to light that the film take place in the crucial 2-year gap between 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Avengers: Infinity Wars.' 

The movie is about Natasha, Black Widow, returning to Russia and her family and settling some unfinished business she left behind upon joining shield and the Avengers. It is rumored that this story will inform some important plotlines for other characters going forward in the MCU despite Black Widow's absence due to her death.

Not everyone is as excited as I am about this film, but it's Marvel so surely the masses are going to turn up! Whether the film is good or not, just means the internet will be blowing up about it one way or the other.

Check out the trailer here!