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Bodybuilder Who Divorced Sex Doll Wife Now In A Thruple With New Doll He Considers A 'Sister'

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Bodybuilder who divorced his sex doll wife and took another sex wife into marriage says he is now in a thruple with a new doll he considers his sister.

Yuri Tolochko from Kazakhstan has revealed he is now in a thruple with two sex dolls, Lola the half-chicken half-sex doll he married last month, and Luna, who is like a sister to him. Tolochko made the big announcement on Instagram, stunning his followers.

As he unveiled his latest romantic partner, many people criticized him because the doll looked very young. But Tolochko ensured his followers that she was of legal sex doll 'age' and welcomed her to the world.

“So most of you suggested giving her the name Luna. I decided to heed your advice and I will call her Luna. Also, some of you thought she was too young, a teenager," he said.

"And although Luna is an adult, she just looks like that, because she is Asian and many Asian girls look very young, I decided to listen to you again. I don't want to offend some of you, so I will try not to show any erotic scenes with Luna. Me and Lola will treat her like a sister."

Yuri’s followers are still reeling from his announcement last month, where he announced his split with his ex-sex doll wife Margo and confirmed Lola as his new wife. Posting a highly explicit video to Instagram, Yuri also mentioned that he would take many wives from now on, much like how some people do in nations in the West.