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Bodybuilder Who Is In A Throuple With Sex Dolls Says His Two Partners Have Fallen In Love

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Bodybuilder who is in a throuple with 2 sex dolls says that his partners have fallen in love with each other.

Yuri Tolochko is back at it again. After announcing that he had taken a second sex doll wife Lola, while his old sex doll wife Margo was in repair and that he is now in a throuple with Lola and another sex doll Luna, Tolochko has now revealed that his two sex doll partners have fallen in love.

The bodybuilder from Kazakhstan revealed the latter in an Instagram post where he explained that his dolls, Luna and Lola, were getting on pretty well and claimed that he spends time with them both together as well as separately.

He wrote, "So me and Luna get along great. Lola also fell in love with Luna. I give each of them a separate time, but the three of us together are also having fun.

"Luna is so babe, so honey. I just want to hug her and not let go."

He went on to add: "P.S. Btw, I am often asked how a doll differs from a living woman. In addition to the fact that she can be for a long time in... different poses and you can realize a variety of fantasies, she also has a unique p***sy.

"There are elements that a living woman does not have. And you just fly into space when you play with her."

Previously Yuri was married to Margo. But she broke down a couple of times and had to be repaired. So while she was away, Yuri tied the knot with Lola, who has the body of a chicken and the torso of a human. Recently, Yuri also disclosed that he was now with two sex dolls, with the other one - Luna - being like a sister to him. Now, he has offered another update on the complicated relationship.