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Book Recommendations: A Discovery of Witches

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Now, I'm not one for romance novels most of the time. I like a little bit of romance in my novels because I love rooting for two people to get together, especially if they're right for each other, but if it's overwhelmingly cheesy, inauthentic, or just downright unnecessary, I'm not going to love the story.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I loved the novel A Discovery of Witches. The story follows Diana Bishop, who comes from a long line of prestigious witches that tie back to some of the original victims of the Salem Witch Trials. But Diana doesn't want her powers; she wants to be a scholar and rely on her mind to get her where she wants to be. She wants to earn her place in academia. That is until she meet Mathew Clairmont, a brilliant geneticist and deadly vampire, whom she falls in love with, starting a deadly war of factions between witches and vampires.

I know what you're thinking: sounds a little like Twilight, right? That's fair, especially since the publishers and producers of the television adaptation (yes, of course it has a TV adaptation) use the tagline "Twilight for adults" to promote it. 

The major difference is while the love story happens quick and "insta-lovey" kind of like Twilight, it doesn't feel forced surprisingly. These two characters genuinely feel bound by the destiny and magic within the world; they feel like they're meant for each other. The love story is also backed by other interesting plotlines like the genetic makeup of the blood and DNA of demons, vampires, and witches; the familial ties of witch clans and where their powers derive from; and a lot of history.

The story is richly alive and beautifully written, and I would recommend it to any who's looking for a perfectly blended atmosphere of romance, history, and magic. And it's the first novel in a trilogy, so it'll keep you busy for a while! 

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