Boston Starts to Ban on Plastic Bags on Dec 14

Boston, MA Boston

Please pay attention, all Bostoners! According to the Boston Government, plastic bags are going to be banned on December 14.

On December 14, 2018, the City's plastic bag ordinance goes into effect.

City of Boston

In order to help and improve the environment, the City of Boston decides to ban on plastic bags and it starts from December 14. They also specify the requirements for bags that stores can sell and bags that exempt from the ordinance.

Moreover, it starts to cost you 5 cents per bag if you do not prepare your own shopping bag.

Store must sell bags for at least five cents per bag. Charges for checkout bags will appear separately on the receipt. To avoid being charged, customers can bring their own bags when shopping.

City of Boston

It may make your shopping trips become a little bit inconvenient, but please remember we're helping to improve the environment, making earth become cleaner. So it's time to get a nice and pretty shopping bag for yourself!



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