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Brazilian Surgeon Fired For Dancing With Patient’s Removed Skin Fat On TikTok

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The regional medical board in Sau Paulo Brazil had recently removed a surgeon after she violated the medical board’s laws enforced to keep medical procedures private and under ethical boundaries.

Plastic surgeon Caren Trisoglio Garcias had been suspended from 8 April onwards after which strict investigation would take place. Upon proving her guilty of unethical behavior, her license might be withdrawn by the board members.

A surgeon belonging to the Brazilian municipality of Ribeirao Preto was dancing along with jolly music on the social media app while flaunting the freshly removed skin and fat of the patient who had undergone the surgery.

She was also pointed out for another video where she was confidently flashing two liquid-filled bags with one labeled as the breasts and another as the underarm fat.

SBCP president Estefano Luiz Favaretto received several complaints against the plastic surgeon for violating the rules and showcasing unethical behavior, after which he was prompted to take the immediate action of suspending her. The surgeon has also been removed from the Brazilian Society Of Plastic Surgery for six months following the viral videos.

The SBCP cleared that even with the patient's permission, surgeon Caren Garcias had broken five internal regulations which included showing the patients’ body parts to a third party.

The Brazilian surgeon has over 640k followers and around 11 million 'likes' on the TikTok app where she frequently posts videos of herself doing her workouts and daily activities.