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Breakthrough Bioskin Passes Animal Trial

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A 2018 technology that 'prints' new skin tissue has successfully passed it's most recent animal trial, according to the journal 'Biofabrication.' The device, developed by a team in Canada, uses 'bioink,' including mesenchymal stromal cells and proteins to encourage healing and new cell growth, to repair even full thickness burns. In the recent trial of full thickness burns, meaning both top and bottom layers of skin, in pigs, the device successfully deposited the fabricated tissue and promoted healing.

Axel Günther, a researcher in development of the device, described it as "a duct tape dispenser, where instead of a roll of tape you have a microdevice that squishes out a piece of tissue tape." Günther explains that this device may replace traditional burn treatments when they are not possible, such as insufficient healthy skin for a graft. Fellow researcher Marc Jeschke announced that "the device successfully deposited the 'skin sheets' onto the wounds uniformly, safely and reliably, and the sheets stayed in place with only very minimal movement."

This is a big step toward human trials, and possibly a breakthrough in burn treatment. Here's hoping this is the future of medicine!

Photo: Pixabay