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Bridging ideas towards success

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Series - SUCCESS

Blog number - #1

Written by - anmol singh

Everyone think that success is something like an asset that you can have with yourself , but success is something intangible that you'll be able to see only , if you are the deserving.

Everyone thinks that the world is so greedy that no one let them grow or reach towards success but they don't know that the world which seems them to be greedy is actually their way to success .

No one can let you down from your way untill you see yourself as the one like the average . You should be like feather - '' feather always go slow even if thrown from higher places '' , you should be the same , you should fly like a feather beacuse it flies even if no force is atracting it like kite .

That day when you become as light as feather then you would realize that how great you became since then you started. No problem someone appreciate you or not but still you should appreciate yourself because you came alone in this world and have to go alone as well . When you start to appreciate yourself one day the gap between you and the success will get an appropriate end .


1) know your true spirit and zeal

2) don't let others exploit you

3) be light as feather so that no one can throw you down from success

4) appreciate yourself and don't expect others to appreciate you

5) follow the trend


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