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Bring Back Sewing

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I'm a member of a few online crafting communities. I'm not very good at most crafts, especially sewing. But, as terrible as I am at embroidery and crochet, I still try to learn, and to perfect basic sewing skills. Why? Because sewing isn't dead, and there's still practical use for it, and if you've never held a sewing needle, you should start today.

Simply put, sewing is utilitarian. I can't tell you how many times I've saved my own skin by reattaching a button that popped off my shirt before a business meeting. I'm grateful for the times I've been able to repair a split seam in my skirt, or mend a rip in the seat of my pants. It's not handsomely done, and I'll never win awards for my stitches, but it's saved me a lot of embarrassment. Not to mention, it saves me a lot of expense! Buying new clothes every time there's a tiny tear, or paying a professional to fix it would be awful. All it costs me is a few dollars for a travel sewing kit I carry in an Altoids tin, and I'm set for seeing emergencies.

It's fun, too. If you're worried about trying it out for fun, but can't see yourself enjoying it if you aren't good at it right away, I'd like to show you a terrible zigzag mending job I did on my bedspread, and the awful blanket I crocheted for my baby. It doesn't matter if you're not an expert, it's fun, useful and even social.

Learn before your next fashion disaster. A stitch in time saves nine, after all.