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British Restaurant Owner Launches 'Samosa' Into Space, It Crash-Lands In France Instead

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An Indian restaurant in the UK attempted to launch a “samosa”, a savory-filled Asian pastry, into space, but it ended up crash landing in France instead.

Chaiwalla, which is an Indian restaurant in Bath famous for its street food-inspired Indian dishes and cozy counter-serve, recently took to spread some cheer around with an extraterrestrial mission. The restaurant’s owner Niraj Gadher is a social media enthusiast and he is often found taking up exciting challenges to help publicize his business. Gadher’s most recent challenge, however, was rather extraordinary as he tried to send a samosa and a wrap from his eatery into space.

On January 10, Gadher posted a video to YouTube via his official ChaiWalla channel, explaining how the mission to launch a samosa into space was executed. The restaurant owner used helium balloons attached to a box carrying a wrap and a samosa to shoot his prized snacks into space, and it took three turns before the balloons successfully took off.

The first time the balloons slipped from his hands and the second time, there wasn’t enough helium to propel the balloons. But the third time was the charm, as the GPS-fitted weather balloons were successfully able to set off for the mission after three attempts.

As the balloons flew high up into the atmosphere, Gadher and his team ultimately lost sight of them, and then they waited, monitoring their movements, to see where they land. The GPS, however, malfunctioned on the first day. But the very next day as the weather cleared out, it signaled that the samosa had crash-landed in France.

Gadher then reached out to the people living near the coordinates of the samosa’s location on Instagram to see if anyone could get the samosa and verify its location. Very soon, a user named Axel Mathon reached out to Gadher, verifying that he had discovered the samosa in a field in Picardy, a historical region in northern France.

"Really until I got here, I couldn't believe it," Mathon shared his excitement with Cosmosonic, a local French news website. "And actually when I looked up I saw the burst helium balloon in the trees. and I found this polystyrene box well packed. It was a bit like a treasure hunt, I thought it was crazy!”

Gadher has shared the hilarious expedition of the snack on the official ChaiWalla YouTube Channel and Instagram handle.

Source: ChaiWalla on YouTube