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Britney Spears's "Art Work" to Be Displayed in a Gallery in France

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I feel like I am living in some odd parallel universe in saying this, but Britney Spears will have her artwork displayed in a French Art gallery in a town called Figeac. The exhibit is set to go up starting this weekend and will be called "Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!!!" The name is pulled from an Instagram post she put up years ago with an image of her painting.

Too many exclamations points aside and being entirely blunt, I can’t exactly call what she is making art. I’m not here to judge anyone for doing something they love but based on the paintings she’s done that are circulating the internet… well they look like they were done by a five-year-old. I can only imagine that the inevitable draw for people to attend or purchase the work won’t be the art at all but rather the name attached to it.

However, the painting from the "Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!!!" post was donated by Spears to a charity auction in 2017 to help the victims of the horrible Las Vegas shooting that happened that year. If your work is going to a good cause and people want to buy it, I can’t knock anyone for doing it. But frankly, her having her own exhibit just seems a little silly to me.

BBC article with more information.

Image from Kelli Tungay on Unsplash.