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Bruce Lee & ABC Entertainment?

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Hey there folks. I just wanted to do a shout-out regarding my new entertainment production company called ABC Entertainment LLC. The corporation or limited Liability is currently associated with many various other entertainment entities, including Sony Entertainment INC, and also with my writing & media publishing company, Chris Mentillo Productions. 

Chris Mentillo Productions:

"Chris Mentillo Productions is an award-winning entertainment productions company located South of Boston, Massachusetts. The media company offers professional media and publishing services in the entertainment field, such as book content and social media writing, editing, publishing, distribution services, media consulting in these areas, film, media, television, & music production distribution, and overall professional content writing and editing services."

ABC Entertainment is currently in partnership with rapper, Jackson (J2). I completely trust Jay with my life, and he is exceptionally smart. 

J2 is a very hard worker. I have worked with him long enough to realize this. His ambition, solid work ethics, go-getter attitude, and overall experience in the entertainment field will be an added asset to our overall company. 

I am looking forward to working with him, his organization of musicians, artists, writers, engineers, producers, and to bringing ABC Entertainment to the front-center of the entertainment arena. 

ABC will start distributing music from Bruce Lee's boys, "West Side." we are currently in the process of distributing the single to every major outlet - worldwide. And we know you will all love this one. So keep an eye open for this one. Gonna be interesting.

To date, I have worked with the likes of rapper Nox, Jamie Foxx, and even the Beatles,' Charles Mansion Song with my record label company GMR Records - (Got Money Records).  

Oh, and we will be donating a percentage of the company money from the proceeds to FOLKSPAPER.COM They may do with the money as they please. However, it would be nice if they can contribute some money sometimes to the many starving people out there or something positive in helping individuals in non-profits. We also believe strongly in FOLKPAPER.COM They deserve it. Thank you FOLKSPAPER.COM So, like I said I will be posting updates regarding the company, non-profit contributions, etc. So stay tune FOLKS.