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Burglar Tells UK Woman “It’s Not Your House” After Enjoying Coffee, Beer And Other Edibles All Day In Her House

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In a court hearing discussing an interesting burglary, it came into knowledge that a burglar reportedly told his victim that her house was not hers anymore after he spends an adequate amount of time drinking and eating during the theft.

A case discussed at Newcastle Crown Court reveals that a thief Mr Antoni Adams occupied a UK woman’s house and easily tried to make himself feel at home by consuming edibles from the fridge. Moreover, he also found himself eating all the food and taking a can of Foster’s lager when he felt the need to quench his thirst.

Upon inquiry by the homeowner, that what on earth was he doing by occupying her residence, Adams conveniently replied that, “It’s Not Your House” because “I've been here all day.”

The woman left her home last year on July 13th, which was located at Canon Cockin Street, Sunderland and returned that evening much to her shock when she found the burglar peeking through an open window.

Prosecutor Hedworth narrated that, “When she arrived, she noticed an open window and she saw a man looking out of her window directly at her. She asked what on earth he was doing, and he said 'It's not your house, I've been here all day. He asked her not to phone the police, but she did.”

He went on to report that, “She also noticed a lighter which did not belong to her, a charity box had been moved, a watch which had been in a drawer was now on a windowsill and handbags and purses had been gathered together on the sofa.”

The burglar’s ludicrous idea of leaving the food items randomly eventually lead to his arrest when police easily received his DNA from the used Foster’s lager can on the table.

The 33-year-old thief belonging to Warwick Terrace, Sunderland has 96 other convictions linked to him and is now serving jail time of two years and five months