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Business and Missions

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The following article is my attempt to convey to you the changing face of world missions and how business and the gospel message have amalgamated to make Kingdom-impact all over the world.

Enter Ken Crowell, an elderly man, 75 years of age, and owner of Galtronics Inc., a company that produces antennas for wireless technology, supplying massive companies such as Samsung and Motorola, Galtronics Inc. employs more than three hundred individuals in Israel alone.

So what’s the big deal? Sure there are many companies that are large and affluent, so what makes Galtronics Inc. any different from all the others? Well, Galtronics Inc. is what one would call a BAM company. A BAM company or Business as Mission company seeks to trade as any normal business would, but with a twist, it models itself wholly on Christian principles and practices, witnessing is one of these principles. When the company was started in 1978, Crowell made the following statement concerning the vision of Galtronics Inc.: “The calling was first to go to an area where there was little or no Christian witness, to give employment to believers and nonbelievers in a safe working environment, and to support the building of a local church.” The fruits of this model have been immense, with Galtronics Inc. bringing together in Israel alone, people groups representing Christians, Jews and Arabs, working alongside one another and in unity.

Many of these will within this context find Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The success of Galtronics Inc. has prompted Ken Crowell to open plants in China where four hundred individuals are employed, and South Korea, where there are forty employees. He hopes to have the same evangelical impact in these nations as he has had in Israel respectively (Maxwell 2007:5).

Now in light of the above, consider the full implication of what it is Ken Crowell, and Galtronics Inc. have achieved since the start-up of the latter in 1978. Not only has Galtronics Inc. grown into a massively successful company by the standards of the world, but I’m also sure many of you reading this would love to be the owner of a company of this magnitude, within the context of the kingdom of God, Galtronics Inc. is playing a critical part in the worldwide advancement of the proclamation of the gospel message.

Besides the fact that it has successfully brought together people groups in Israel that would in normal circumstances never do so, and that is a form of working unity, Galtronics Inc. also has succeeded in infiltrating China, a country closed off to the gospel. Pause here for a moment, for many years missionaries had to secretly operate in China, often doing so underground. Ken Crowell has succeeded in establishing a kingdom presence in China. It is not so much about seeing change overnight, rather it is the idea that a foot is not only in the door, roots are being planted and those committed to a long-term vision in China will see significant impact locally, especially amongst the four hundred employees currently working at Galtronics Inc. - China. What really stands out as one reads about Galtronics Inc., Ken Crowell, and BAM, is the relational disciple-minded approach they seek to implement. It mirrors the approach of Jesus Christ; commitment to a long term vision. Personally, I believe they will achieve great success engaging with this model of evangelism, and I believe we will continue to see this more and more in world missions.

The genius of using business as a tool for the advancement of the gospel message will forever change the face of world missions. It could very well be through this method that we see the world come to know Jesus Christ. Understanding and appreciating the role of business in missions will remain a continuous journey, one I hope that each one of you reading this will embrace, and make part of your daily prayer life. Do so for businesses like Galtronics Inc., as collectively, we can see real change take place world-wide.

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Written by Dwain Donovan Stewart