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Kitten Kay Sera, a California woman, became the first person to marry a colour when she married pink in a Las Vegas wedding.

Sera had a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on New Year's Day, January 1, 2022, to tie the knot with the color.

She revealed that she decided to take things more seriously after having a "relationship" with the color pink for over 40 years.

"I have a huge pink swatch, like a pink paint swatch, so the colors are my favorite," Sera explained. "They're all listed, and I'll have my pink swatch on hand."

Sera stated that she has worn pink since 1980.

"I've had a 40-year relationship with the color pink."

When a kid skateboarding made a joke about her wearing the bright colour two years ago, she decided to marry it.

"A kid on a skateboard said to me, 'Wow, you love pink, right?'" she explained. 'Yeah, I love it so much,' I said, and he replied, 'You love it so much, why don't you marry it?' "I thought to myself, 'This kid's onto something."

While the idea of marrying a colour may seem absurd, Sera stated that she encourages everyone to do what they love while they still have the opportunity.

"Have some fun with it. Have a great time. You're only here for a short while. "Have a great time," Sera said.

A Little White Wedding Chapel hosted the pink wedding. Sera looked stunning in a large pink gown, fluffy pink coat, pink hair, and a dazzling pink tiara. Her jewelry and even her lipstick were pink, and guests were asked to wear pink as well.

She walked down the aisle carrying a large swatch of pink. The swatch included five different shades of colour, five of which she claims are her favourites.

As she walked down the aisle, pink flowers were laid on the floor; she exclaimed, "I think people have companions, but I have a colour!"

Sera sat in the back of an open-top pink convertible, holding a large bouquet, reading her vows.