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Can Tony Stark be back in MCU?

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MCU is one of the best superheroes studio, which had started its journey with RDJ as Tony Stark better known as The Iron Man. The AVENGERS series which has been one of the best series in my whole life ended with the word I AM IRON MAN. Tony Stark will always remain in our heart.

As for the topic can Iron man come back in MCU?

Tge answer is YES. He will be back the way that he might be back according to leaks is He will be back in form of A.I. and her daughter MORGAN STARK might be IRON HEART.

But I have another theory which dont make any sense btw its the theory of TONY'S FAN. Tony Stark can be called back from the past as THOR did with his hammer. But that will affect the whole timeline. Anyways Tony Stark will be back in MCU which is the best leaks ever


Guys what do you think about tony stark's return😍