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Can You Really Get Rich By Investing?

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Are you also asking this question?


My answer to this is YES.... and NO


It actually depends on what you're investing in and your behavior towards your investments.


You could lose a huge amount of money by investing on something that you don't know. 

Your could also increase massively but then falls -100% on aggressive investments. You must be able to tell if you are truly investing or just simply gambling.

The solution is to put more time and effort on research. Investing doesn't mean easy quick money, although I do agree that some people will bet their life savings and get lucky. Investing also involves luck but your effort will help you increase the chance of getting it.

I also want to add that investing is a life time of learning so never be arrogant and always have room for improvement. If you made a mistake, learn from it and continue.


Do you think you can get rich by investing?