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careful! Sugar lying in your kitchen can be fatal.

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Sugar is one such item that is found in every kitchen nowadays.

But its place should not be in any kitchen. 

See the reasons for not eating sugar == 

1: Sugar is made from sugarcane, but when it is made, harmful chemical substances are used. It has a bad effect on health 

2: Sugar dissolves in the blood very quickly. This process affects the gut and brain. 

3: Sugar does not contain any such nutrients, may be beneficial for health, as well as sugar is very harmful for teeth. This gives energy to bacteria living in the mouth. Due to which the teeth deteriorate quickly and tooth decay starts. 

4: Sugar also increases the risk of heart disease,Sugar affects the pumping mechanism of the heart. 

There is an increased risk of heart failure. 

5: Sugar increases obesity. 

6: Sugar increases the chance of getting cancer. 

7: Consumption of sugar has such a harmful effect on the kidneys as it does on the consumption of alcohol. 

8: Sugar is neither easily digested, nor does it allow the rest of the food to be easily digested. 

Therefore, do not use sugar, use jaggery as a sweet. 

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