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Cat Stickers Used to Cover "Racist Rubbish"

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"There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat."

These are the words plastered all over Manchester, with an accompanying cat picture, of course. The kitty sticker crusade is turning heads all over the world, and is all over social media.

The campaign is believed to be speaking out against hoax Extinction Rebellion posters, the group in question being an environmental protest group. Clearly, someone felt that they needed to take action against the fake posters bearing the group's logo, spreading hurtful and inflammatory messages about race and immigration.

When you can't stop the spread, bury the evidence... in cat stickers, that is! Metro reported that "the stickers themselves seem to come from an Australian organisation called Cracks Appearing Distro," although we do not yet know specifically who the cat loving hate squasher in Manchester is yet. Theories have surfaced, but none have seemed to find the anti graffitier yet. Perhaps the anonymous statement is more powerful than borrowing a symbol of an environmental group to spread "racist rubbish!"

In any case, great job covering awful graffiti!

Photo: Pixabay