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'Cats' the Movie Gets the 'Sonic' Treatment

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When the first 'Cats' movie trailer dropped, it was polarizing. Some people were thrilled that one of the longest running shows on Broadway was getting the Hollywood treatment, but a large portion of people were disturbed by the way the actors were CGI'd.

Instead of having the actors just wear costumes and prosthetics, the filmmakers and producers had them do a combination of prosthetics and CGI technology to bring the cats to life. This left a lot of people unsettled with the fact that the cats were given human noses and very human-esque bodies without genitalia. Not that the cats need genitalia, that would just be creepier, but they need a design that didn't make it very obvious that the cats did not have them. At least, this seemed to be the general consensus. 

Well, the filmmakers heard and saw all the backlash and now they're taking a page out of the book of the 'Sonic' filmmakers and redesigning their cats. Now, they're not being entirely redesigned the way that Sonic was, rather they're being tweaked and adjusted with more advanced technology to make them more appealing.

The director has admitted that the effects were in early stages when the first trailer was released, so it certainly wasn't too late to make adjustments to appease the fans.

It sounds like we're a long way off from seeing another trailer for the film, so everyone will be waiting to see what the characters will end up looking like. Do you think this is starting a new era of fan involvement in film making, and is that a good thing?

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