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Cheap Entertainment: Touring Model Home Open Houses

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Maybe it's just my far-off millennial dreams of home ownership, but on a slow weekend, I can spend hours upon hours touring model home communities. Why? Because it's fun, it can be social, it makes me think realistically about what I'd want in a home, and best of all, it's nearly free to do. If you're looking for a way to fill an empty afternoon, I highly recommend going to open houses just for fun.

Now, I'm not recommending that you get in the way of actual, serious buyers. If you're not actually considering buying at all, don't take up the sales reps' time. In my experience, they don't mind letting you walk through unaccompanied, but don't stop serious buyers from having a great tour, or asking questions of the staff on site. Don't worry: you're not doing anything wrong by just looking! Who knows? You might be a lotto ticket away from becoming a buyer yourself!

There are a few tour etiquette rules you should follow, as well, just to be respectful. First and foremost, leave the place the same way you found it. Don't leave trash or any kind of filth in your wake, and pick up any trash you find. If you indulge in the water bottles that are often kept in a model home fridge for guests, don't go crazy, and take your empty bottle with you when you leave. It also should go without saying that you should leave the staging-- the decorations and furniture that make the house look full-- alone. There's nothing wrong with having a quick breather by sitting down on the couch, but keep it to a minute or so. Finally, keep it moving along! Other guests will want to see the same places you do, so don't linger, and keep your comments to a respectful volume.

As long as you're as good a guest as you are in any waiting room, you can spend the whole afternoon picturing yourself in beautiful homes, with your ideal family. Have fun!

Photo: Kirk Fisher/Pixabay