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Chicago's Lou Malnati's Pizzeria Slams Emily In Paris For Deep Dish Dig

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Ever since Emily in Paris hit Netflix screens, fans are enjoying the picturesque settings in Paris, and Lily collins wandering around Paris streets in some jaw-dropping fashion looks. While a lot of people are binge-watching the Rom-Com series, many are scrutinizing the show over the cliche portrayal of French individuals.

Lately, the criticism has also extended to some American groups, especially a famous Pizza chain in Chicago Lou Malnati's which didn’t receive a positive mention in the show’s first episode. The pilot episode includes a scene where the main lead, Emily tries to set a favorable impression on one of her company’s executives which does not go very well. The Executive mentions having a bad experience with Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza, calling it “a quiche made of cement.” to which Emily replies: “Oh no, you must have gone to Lou Malnati's.”

Ever since the comment, Lou Malnati's have made sure the show's creators know their disappointment. The pizzeria's Instagram posts were later captioned with "Emily in Paris thinks Lou’s sucks. We disagree. Try it for yourself. Hate it? #movetoParis 🍕." The response was extended to another post which was captioned "We've been serving Chicago's favorite Deep Dish since 1971. When Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' writers chose to take a shot at Chicagoans and our pizza to try to get a laugh, it felt heartless and not humorous in the midst of COVID-19."

Although the Pizza chain was not elated at first, it soon warmed up to the reference and also welcome Lily Collins to try one of their deep-dish specialties.

Amidst the mixed feelings of viewers and critics, the show stands at a high rank on Netflix and has garnered enough attention causing many requests by fans for season 2. Show makers are yet to release a statement regarding the renewal for another season.