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Child at Heart!

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I recall when I was still attending training for ESL Teaching, we were advised to wear cute hats and have a stuffed animal buddy with us to entertain our future Korean and Chinese students.

The fun part is, we were also asked to sing our favorite nursery rhymes with action. For warm up, before starting the class, the training facilitator asked us to hop like bunnies and pretend as though we were children!

'Twas an awesome experience!

I really wish to go back in teaching ESL again, but I have to say goodbye to my lappy for emergency issues.

When I get a new laptop someday, I swear, I would definitely go back to teaching ESL again here at home.

Basically it's one of the coolest jobs ever!

Seeing those chinky-eyed kids smiling back at you, is the most rewarding feeling that you could ever experience as a teacher.

Why don't you give it a try?

Promise, it will all be worth it! :-)