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China strategy for border countries area occupation.

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China follows Mao's philosophy for occupying border reagions, this philosophy calles " Mao's philosophy of Hand Palm And fingers strategy"

In which he explains China as Hand, Tibet as Palm & Himalayan five states as It's fingers to dominate entire region , these five fingers are

1st Arunachal Pradesh

2nd Bhutan

3rd Sikkim

4th Nepal &

5th Laddakh

As of now They occupied it's palm I.e. Tibet around 70 yrs ago and in 1960s they tried to took laddakh sikkim and arunachal in 1967 again they tried they tried several times as of now they targeted Laddakh, Nepal, sikkim ,Bhutan's border adjoining India and Arunachal.

It's there grand plan to occupy this regions and gain strategic possession to dominate India to become one and only boss of entire Asia.

This is Mao's plan which China believes and gives us proofs by applying it.