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Chinese Man Causes Power Outage After Trying Sit-ups On 30-foot Tall Electric Pole

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This Sunday, a weird incident occurred in China when an unknown man ascended an electric pole to perform stomach exercises.

This bizarre workout causes a vast power cut. Bizarre stunts are popular these days. Assorted news features some unusual pranks or aerobatics on daily basis. This time it is a Chinese guy who dares to climb up a lofty electrical pole. He chose the pole as a terminus for his regular workout.

According to the People’s Daily, the Chinese police arrested a man near the southwestern city of Chengdu on Sunday evening. The guy climbed up the pole to perform sit-ups. The weird trick had caused a major power breakdown, disrupting the electrical supply to thousands of proximate residences.

The strange tumbler provides no reason for this unusual act. Yet the deed went viral on Chinese social media platforms with around 1.7 million views of one hashtag about the incident.

For safety purposes, the medical team reached the spot immediately to prevent any emergency. Besides, the authorities have warned people not to copy such types of life-threatening actions.

The popular Chines media, People’s Daily, shared the video on a Chinese app, Weibo. The clip showcased the man doing bizarre sit-ups (30 feet in the air) right on top of the electric pole.

According to the media, “The local power company initiated an emergency power cut… affecting tens of thousands of households,”

This is not the only story about such reckless stunts as a similar accident occurred last year when a drunk student climbed to the top of a utility pole in Athens, who with a flash of light, spined back to the ground. According to the Athens police, the incident was reported at 19 Palmer St. near Ohio University.