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Chinese Man Who Got Engaged To Sex Doll Welcomes Baby Doll Into His Family

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Chinese man Xie Tianrong, who got engaged to a custom-made sex doll in 2020, has now welcomed a baby doll into his family.

Xie, 36, lives with his parents and silicon-made partner in China. He first got attracted to realistic dolls ten years ago when he passed by a store selling them in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s retail heart where Xie was also born. Xie had wanted to buy a sex doll for quite some time, but it cost 80,000 yuan, which he could not afford. But in October 2019, he came across an online store that was selling a doll for 10, 00 yuan, so he made an order for it.

Xie lived with the doll, which he fondly calls Mochi, for several months, and later during 2020, he got engaged to it in a ceremony attended by his friends and family. He added he had never 'violated' Mochi and doesn't try to kiss her, as he's afraid the saliva's acidity might damage the doll's sensitive skin.

Now Xie has welcomed a new Baby doll into his family, manufactured by the same company that made him Mochi. He hasn’t revealed the name of the baby doll yet, but he has posted pictures of his silicon family on social media. Xie says he has been buying expensive gifts for Mochi and his new baby doll to keep them happy.

Xie was recently invited to the factory by manufacturing makers. There he was gifted extra doll heads, in case there is any damage to his fiance or new baby.

Source: LAD Bible