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Chinese Scientists Develop Factory Robot That Can Read Your Mind

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Researchers in China say they have developed an industrial robot that can read a human co-worker’s mind with 96% accuracy.

The technology was designed by the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Center at the Three Gorges University of China.

Reflecting on the findings of the academic journal China Mechanical Engineering, the project’s lead scientist, Dong Yuanfa, wrote about the possibilities that robots could create an industry, since “assembly work accounts for 45% of the total workload and 20 to 30% of the total production cost. “.

The robot monitors the worker’s brain waves and also collects electric signals from muscles in order the facilitate the assembly of a complex product. The developers insist that a labourer does not need to say or do anything when they want a tool or a component, rather the robot would simply recognise the intention almost instantly and pick up the object and put it on the work desk.

The drawback currently is that the people using the headgear to control the robot, i.e. by sending out brainwaves need to concentrate really hard. Otherwise the robot would not be able to pick up signals. Right now further testing would be needed to determine if the technology could be used in an actual factory, as all testing so far had been done in a lab.