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A woman, went to the doctor's clinic, was a little nervous and scared.

When the doctor saw the beautiful woman, she called him before the number.

"Yes, what is your problem?" The doctor asked. (The doctors were kind of dilapidated)

Woman: "Yes, I have no problem. The problem belongs to my husband, I think he is becoming a mental patient."

Doctor: "Well, what do you do? Hand over you or misbehave with you?"

Woman: "No no, make threats and they also say" Clear my accounts* ".. *" Clear my accounts**

Doctor: "Don't you bother, where are your husbands didn't bring them with you?"

Woman: "Doctor sir, I could not bring them along, they are at home".

Doctor: "Yes, I can understand."
Dr. Saheb used to have a deep relationship with every beautiful woman.

Woman: If you send your car and driver with me, I will easily bring my husband. "

The doctor ordered his driver to go with Madam. Now the women left the clinic and sat in the car and asked the driver to take such a jewelry shop.

As soon as the jewelry shop came, the woman came out in a very Nazo style and went into the shop .. liked a very expensive set, got the pack done, and when it came to the payment…
The woman said: "I am such a doctor's wife. Now it was very important to get this set, so I came in a hurry, I do not even have the full money and no card. You can send someone of your shop with me and the doctor Will to pay you. "

The owner of the jewelry shop thought that it was a big amount, I should go and roam around on the pretext, and he went and sat in the car. But the lady did not sit in the car and asked the driver to take them to the doctor.

The driver rushed to the clinic with the owner of the jewelry shop and told the doctor that "Madam did not come but he has sent this sir".
Dr. Sahib patiently looked at the gentleman who came with the driver and asked him to wait .. When his turn came, the doctor said in a very soft tone: "Yes, tell me, sir, how are you?"

The owner of the jewelry shop replied: "Yes sir, I am fine."

Doctor Sahab: "So what are the problem and trouble?"

Owner of Jewelry Shop: * "Doctor Sahab, Clear my account " * ...