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Cocktail bird : the best bird to adopte.

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Cocktail bird is an Australian bird, which is very famous of its love for human and his personality wich is very close to ordinary people, first the cocktail bird cannot live on his own, he must be with another person, either a wife or a person who lives with him ... if he cannot find a companion for him, he can suicide by stopping eating food or drinking water.

  Also the cocktail bird has a very beautiful body with really very beautiful colors and are usually a mix between gray, yellow and red ... and the color of its body can be completely white and it is very exceptional and very beautiful.

  Plus, the cocktail bird has pretty tweets and can sometimes speak if you teach it, but it's very rare to happen.

  For me, a cocktail is one of the best birds that you can addopte because, as I said, he needs to live with someone, so it can be easy to teach him and live with him, also he can feel jealous of you. Also, you will not need to spend a lot of money on it because all of its needs are very cheap, especially its favorite food consisting of sun seeds.