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College Professor Dies During Zoom Class

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Paola de Simone, 46, taught in in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). Tragically, de Simone lost her battle to COVID-19 during a Zoom conference call with her students, and passed away as her students looked on helplessly. De Simone had been struggling with symptoms of the disease for four weeks, and still struggled to breathe.

In the Zoom call, students noted that the professor could not breathe, and begged for her address so that they could send emergency services to save her.

Before she lost consciousness, she managed to say "I can't."

De Simone was a professor at the department of government and international relations within the University, with 15 years of experience. The school expressed sorrow over her death, saying in a statement, "Paola was a passionate and dedicated teacher, and a great person." There are now over 9,350 deaths from COVID-19 in Argentina, as of this morning.