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Colombian National - Missing for 2 years, found adrift and alive at sea

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Like the plot from J.C. Chandor's 2013 film featuring Robert Redford "All is Lost", Angelica Gaitan who went missing two years earlier was found adrift at sea few kilometres away from the shores of Puerto Colombia. Gaitan was discovered by local fisherman Rolando Visbal and his friend. Rolando first thought that she was a piece of driftwood until she signalled for help. She was suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion and reported being adrift for nearly eight hours. On rescuing she was rushed to the hospital after som primary first-aids on the beach. According to reports, she had a toxic relationship with her abusing husband when she decided to escape in 2018. She told that she wandered on the streets for six months before finding a place to stay at the Camino de Fe rescue centre.