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I was sitting in hue,

My thoughts were blue,

My actions were red,

My intentions were rad,

But little bit tad of sadness,

With mind mapped out to greatness,

Suffering from sickness taking me to success,

Man under PROGRESS.

Fuck you to everything and everyone leaving the scene senseless,

I'm glad that i survived this madness.

Once upon a time ,

My life was grey,

Sunrays never reached out to my way,

Sitting in a corner, isolated my life,

Looking everyone around, thought i wish i could be them,

Felt life i was living was all in vain,

Dead like a flower that didn't grow not because it couldn't but was not getting enough sunlight to live, dark clouds around,

Realised i was living the same, keeping myself away and the people i was wishing to be were the black clouds hovering over, never fit for myself.

Felt short at 5'11 among 5'8's.

Letting my self pitty devour me as i watch them ate.

I was scared felt short of time, i thought i was late.

God damn! I needed a break.

Slowly progressing,

Wrote down every mistake that I've committed,

Lived thoroughly every single of them and wore them like a perfect fit piece, well knitted,

Life started moving like Mick Jagger,

Started making lines while you cut lines,

Wrote every single lines that hit harder than your blunt rolled up, lined up, puff puff and pass.

Been a stoner,

Been a drunkard,

Been a failure,

Been through a lot of emotional entities,

But thank god never gave up and well never gave in,

I almost caved in.

People i knew left me when i was there when they needed me,

I'm sorry to myself for letting them in,

Throwing them out one by one slitting their throat, putting them with their memories in body bags that i carry around,

Feels like John Wick these days,

I'm cleaning this mess,

I'm maintaining the balance,

Turning 25 already, silver jubilee

I just want to stay humbly and deal things politely,

Taming my inner demons carefully, don't wake them up,

This year i am working different,

Last year i had enough,

Saw a lot of faces in one body,

Ravana felt like a joke,

People changing colours felt like i was dealing with box full of crayons, none of them were colourful, shady as fuck.

A lot of colours in me too,

I've been YELLOW quite a lot of times,

Didn't understand should i take a step or sit back and think what if I was little brave enough to follow that line, happiness on my mind.

I've been GREEN when i was committing a sin,

Felt disgusted when i think of it but goddamn greed for money and envious when someone had too many, friendly with a motive.

I've been PURPLE when pride took the steer and hit the sixth gear of my life took me into a world with a tinge of fear but had to sacrifice a lot to feed my pride felt so uptight,

Thank god i got myself upright, found my way out of the ride, courageous enough to handle my pride.

I've been WHITE like snow, my life cold like an ice,

Didn't want anybody by my side, words sharp like a knife that could put people into shock.

I go RED when I think of all these now,

But these days I'm BLUE like an ocean, calm until something shakes me up bad and tsunami hits your world.

I can feel PINK getting into me when my woman's around me,

Love all for her and love all for us and love all for them.

But i choose to stay BLACK like the Venom from the symbiote race.