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Comedian Dressed As Superman Hit By Bus While Pretending To Stop It

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A comedian dressed up as Superman was hit by a bus while he pretended to stop it.

Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade, who goes by 'Superman', was hit by a bus in the Brazilian municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros when his stunt went wrong on the afternoon of 30 May. The 35-year-old presenter was filming himself as he tried to mimic halting the vehicle.

Thankfully Luiz managed to escape unhurt after the accident. In the video, he was seen walking slowly after being hit. He even joked about the incident, saying that he wasn’t injured because he was ‘made of steel’.

"Now I've seen I really am made of steel. I'll make a complaint about this vehicle's brakes. They're not working."

Luiz also discussed the accident in an interview given to F5 News. He said he failed to estimate the distance, which is why he ended up being hurt. He took all the responsibility, claiming that the accident was his fault.

"I take responsibility for everything. I went to the bus company so that the driver would not be penalised. There was no problem with the brakes.

“He did what he could and I acted wrong. It's a stunt I always do, but this time it almost turned into an accident, and it wasn't serious because the hand of God was there.

"I didn't feel anything with the knock. I was hit through my own fault and a miracle of God took place there. God acted at that time and protected me."