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Comedy Movies missed /OMG

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No need to say about Bollywood Movies Comedy Level .If you want to see some comedy movies from Bollywood Than you comes to the Right Site. I listed Top 5 Bollywood comedy Movies which Released On 2019 -2020.and Not Only Names I Has Given the download Links Below .



Motichoor Chaknachor (2019)

Movie Name - Motichoor Chaknachoor 

Directed By - Debamitra Biswal 

IMDb rating -5.8 /10 

Cast - Nawazuddin Siddque , Athiya Setty ,vibha Chibber 


Motichhor Chaknachoor is a Bollywood comedy Movie Release on 2019s Nov ,directed by Debamitra Biswal . Here you can see the Nawazuddin side as a pyuspiner Tyagi who work in Dubai .And Athena setty Live inIndia but she want to Marry with Foreigner Parnter. he Don't want any Indian Husband .she gets offered from so many Indian boys but she rejected . Atlast she Face so many issues for her Marriage . Than Tyagi (Nawaz) retired from Dubai actually family don't know that Nawaz already Rejected Dubai's Job .Than athiya tring to Impress Nawazuudin but not really beacause of his Job . They got Marry without Family's Permission .after marriage athiya will knows about his Job than she avoid Nawaz.And Atlast How to Nawas Will fix the Marriage issue to know to full story you should Watch this Comedy Movie . If you think in this Story you don't find any Comedy than Wrong because I don't think that I have Inform About Nawazuddin Acting Skill.



Download Link


Sukranu (2020)

Movie Name - Sukranu 

Directed by - Bishnu Dev Halder 

IMDb rating - 6.5 /10 

Casts -Divyendu Sharma , Swata Basu Prasad, Sheetal Thakur ,Aakash Davade 


Sukranu Movie Was release on 2020s.,directed by Bishnu Dev .It is a comedy Romance Drama Movie . Sukranu means in English ' Sperm ". The main item on display here is Inder (Divyenndu), an employee in a factory who resorts to a time-tested method to compensate for his perceived lack of manhood – he has an extra-marital affair.

The twist to the eternal love triangle is provided by the Emergency, the period between 1975 and 1977 when democratic rights were suspended and men were brutally sterilised as an extreme population control measure. As Inder makes his way to his wedding, he is abducted and shorn of his ability to reproduce. Too ashamed to admit to what has happened, he goes ahead with the nuptials.The wedding night and the nights that follow are, predictably, disasters. Inder’s bride Reema (Shweta Basu Prasad) thinks that Inder is suffering from performance anxiety. Assured by a doctor that sterilisation has nothing to do with sexual performance, Inder finally has intercourse, but is shocked when he learns that Reema is pregnant.  There  you will see So many Mature comedy scenes what make you laugh . So Don't miss the Twist of that Sexual Comedy Romance .



Download Link

No. 3

Dream girl (2019)

Movie Name - Dream Girl 

Directed By - Raaj Shaandilyaa 

IMDb rating - 7.1/10 

Casts - Ayushman Khurana, Nushrat Barucha , Annu kapoor , Vijay Raj 


Dream Girl  is a comedy , Romance And Dramatical Movie ,released on 2019 . The Main role Actor Ayushman As  Karamveer Singh  has a talent for impersonating women from his childhood. In desperation for employment in his adulthood, the boy from Gokul agrees to work at a call centre at which women offer solace and conversations to men who dial in. In his avatar as the sexy sounding Puja, Karam makes an unexpected discovery. Although there are a few sleazy chappies at the other end of the line, a majority of his clients turn out to be decent folk desperate for company, empathy and a listening ear. Here  you can See Ayushman As Puja who interactions with her/his regular callers in the first half of the film are hilarious with an underlying, understated poignance despite a spot of stereotyping here and there. Karam's world goes dramatically awry when each one falls in love with this kind, funny stranger who seems to understand them better then those they meet on a daily basis. Actually its another Lvel's of Comedy Movie . And Ayushman Khuran's Acting is now most Attractive of Bollywood Industry .


Download Link

No. 2 

Housefull 4 (2019) 

Movie Name - Housefull4 

Directed By - Farhad Samji 

Imdb rating - 3.4/10

Casts -Aksay Kumar , Ritesh Deshmukh, Bobby Dyal , Kriti karbanda 


Housefull 4 is the Sequel of Housfull Movies is release on 2019 .And it was the Biggest Hit comedy Movie of the year. The Movie Based on A fantasy Comedy Drama .Where Three Bothers are going to marry with Three sister at the real life but At past their relation Was another . They going to Marry with Wrong Couples . This story will start from 600 years Back actually if you Believe in Fantasy of Bollywood Skill. Than its the perfect Comedy Because its make Laugh by the Aksay 'Bala ' Act. which is the Main lead Act in this Movie . So you can Enjoy it with you family 


Download Link

No. 1 

Chichhoore (2019)

Movie Name - Chichhore 

 Directed by - Nitesh Toward 

 IMDb rating - 8/10 

 Casts - shushing Sing , shradha kapoor , Varun Sharma , Prateik 


Chichhore Movie release on 2019 based on a college life . Full of Comedy in this Movie . Really I highly recommend you for this Movie , Don't Miss this Movie If you want to know the real Enjoy of college Life .This Movie Starts when Ani's( sushant ) son admitted to Hospital Because of his Failure Life but Sushant says to son  the story about their college Life for Motivate.‘Chhichhore’ has a relevant message on the inherent attitude towards academic success and failure that will connect with many youngsters and parents of today. It tells you that the journey is far more important than the destination and that losing is as critical a life lesson as winning. The film scores high on many accounts and is certainly worth watching.


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