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Coming out.

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I'm not a straight man, but I'm not a gay I'm really confused of who I am even though I already came out to my closet I still felt like different.

Like this photo I took a bout a year ago, the flower represents me, yes it's already bloomed and looks beautiful but it's stocks in the barb wire that anytime soon it will cause alot of pain in itself.

I choose the path that makes me happy and better but I don't think I'm contented because deep inside my mind I don't wanna be different,I just want to be normal like a striaght guy.

Anyways , everything takes time so I think I'm just gonna wait for someone to get rid of that barb wire around and when that happens I'm gonna be there most happiest person in the world.

Ps: I'm just bored and I kinda overthink some things that bothers me so I use this app to lessen it 💛