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Conspiracy Theorist Claims People Are Going Missing In The US Because Of 'Cannibal Caves'

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A conspiracy theorist claims people are going missing because of 'Cannibal Caves'.

TikToker Dan, or @danthedingbat21, stitched a video from a fellow TikTok user who spoke about the high number of people who disappear in US country parks never to be seen again. But as Dan explains, the disappearances are rather common in the US in places that have caves nearby. She alleges that there is cannibalistic activity contributing to the vanishing of people.

She explains in her video "If you look up where people go missing in national parks, it directly correlates to the cave system in the US. I know you have all seen videos where they talk about cannibals being in the woods and there just being feral people out in the woods.” She adds, "I kind of think there are communities of those people and they take people when they can."

To make her argument persuasive, Dan gave a reference to the film, The Descent, which tells the story of a group of women who find themselves lost and trapped inside a cave system while battling weird creatures that roam the tunnels.

Dan’s video is quickly gripping the attention of fellow TikTokers, who are pretty convinced about there being some truth to Dan’s outlandish philosophy.

One person commented: "Wait, really - feral people exist?"

Another added: "Wait but for real, I would be way more afraid of an unexpected human in the woods than a Sasquatch."