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Construction On World's First Covid-Ready Skyscraper Underway In Miami

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Legacy Tower at Miami Worldcenter, designed by Kobi Karp, has officially broken ground. The developer claims the project is the world’s first COVID-Conscious, Pandemic-Ready building.

Legacy Tower is a 55-story, $500 million skyscraper that will stretch 600 feet into the sky. The project is described as an all-in-one, residential, hotel, and medical center skyscraper. It will create a one-of-a-kind residential, hospitality, health, and well-being urban ecosystem.

Miami Worldcenter is currently the nation’s largest urban core construction project and America’s second-largest real estate development.

The project will feature 310 MicroLuxe residences, 219 hotel rooms, and 10 floors of medical facilities. The medical center, which will be dubbed The Blue Zones Medical Center, will span 120,000-sf across the 10 floors and cost $100 million.

It involves Adventist Health, one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit, faith-based hospital and healthcare systems; Blue Zones, the global leader in human longevity research; Accor Hotels, one of the world’s largest hospitality companies; and the Royal Palm Companies -- Florida’s preeminent luxury high-rise real estate development firm.

“What is unique about Legacy is that it was designed with a COVID-Conscious lifestyle in-mind,” says Miami-based Royal Palm Companies’ CEO, Daniel Kodsi (Cod-See).

“Here you have a medical-wellness center, combined with a hotel, residences, all-in-one tower. This is, in essence, pandemic-ready. One day, in the future, you can shelter in-place -- right in the building,” says Kodsi.

He emphasizes, the entire tower is designed with an array of COVID-Conscious amenities and technologies.

Kodsi explains, “Legacy features these COVID-conscious materials and technologies, for instance, hospital-grade ventilation systems throughout, UV robots, touchless technology, voice-activated technology, water filtration system, and even antimicrobial material on all the furniture throughout the project.”

All of these technologies are proven to reduce the spread of viruses and germs, according to Kodsi.

He adds, that in the event of a public health emergency, Legacy will be equipped with medical gases and, even, ventilators.