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Contractor fires sex-partying drywallers

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Staff is seen grabbing, rubbing, and performing oral sex on a stripper inside an under-construction home in explicit videos.

A social media video of a booze-fueled work site stripper party in Milton has cost a group of drywallers their employment.

The men — now ex-employees of Concord-based Nelmar Drywall Co. Ltd. — are seen drinking and partying with a semi-naked woman inside a home under construction in a series of videos.

Despite the pandemic and PPE rules, no one in the video is wearing a mask.

The men can be seen dancing with the woman, holding and suckling her breasts, drinking and spilling vodka on her, lying on the floor as she dances on top of them, and performing oral sex in her videos.

In response to the Sun's inquiries, Nelmar's lawyers wrote that their clients condemn the behavior depicted in the video and that the firm no longer employed the participants represented in the video.

While this incident is known to have occurred on a Mattamy Homes project, it should be noted that neither Mattamy Homes nor any of its employees had any involvement in or knowledge of the actions depicted in the Subject Video/Images; and, as a result, Mattamy Homes is not liable for the incident," the statement said.

The video has gotten a lot of attention.

The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) described the videos as "shocking, unacceptable, and repulsive conduct, and disrespectful to women" and condemned the men in them.

"RESCON has always advocated for women's rights," according to the statement.

"Besides, we have been working to encourage the construction industry as a viable career choice for women. This kind of behavior has no position on construction sites and will not be tolerated."